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What is my “diet” really?

February 20, 2018

I can’t really label how I’m eating as fully intuitive or fully mindful eating - because a lot of things I do go against some of the “principals” promoted by groups and books.

Simply, I eat balanced meals with healthy fats, carbs, and adequate protein.

If I crave something, I have it.

If I am hungry, I eat more.

I eat slowly.

I drink water between bites.

I eat on meal times, and sometimes I don’t.

My health physically is still the biggest priority... so more organic foods that affect women’s hormones like dairy, fruits, and poultry/meats. My other is my cholesterol. So healthy fats like nuts, oils, and seeds are big in my daily intake.

I’ve tracked in processed foods/ice cream and cookies for in 3-4x a week the last two years and had high cholesterol again. So eating intuitive with a donut for breakfast and a deli sandwich for lunch won’t reach my health goals.

My mental health is also important ... obsessed with weighing my food and myself are out the window.


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