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New Orleans Vacation

February 18, 2018

Wow, so to be honest I used a lot of my mindful and intuitive eating habits on my trip to New Orleans.

Monday, Tuesday, and most of Wednesday I ate balanced meals with fats, carbs, protein.

It felt good, I was satisfied.

Wednesday night we split an appetizer, I ate my one meal slowly, and didn’t finish it completely! We shared dessert and it was satisfying. I had tried BBQ shrimp, Jambalaya, Gumbo , Étouffée, and Beignets.

Thursday we chose healthy options but also enjoyed rolled ice cream. That night we split a bag of popcorn and nada moo ice cream.

By Friday we enjoyed the rest of the recommended New Orleans food after we had a healthy breakfast in the apartment. We enjoyed and split a salad, charbroiled oysters, shrimp po boy, fries, pralines, a couple other sweets, and a pecan pie. That night we made homemade ice cream treats with some of the candy shop goodies.

Saturday we enjoyed breakfast with biscuits, grits, and a cinnamon roll. By afternoon we decided to try a few other goodies at a local market which included rice, plantains, açaí bowl, and a frozen coffee.

As much as we ate, I never felt stuffed or guilty about it. I felt satisfied. Everyday we had at least 2 meals with a healthy fat and protein with veggies (we swear New Orleans doesn’t have a lot of veggies at restaurants lol). I was mindful of how much protein I was eating (3-4x a day). Keeping protein at a stable level was important.

As the next week comes along I feel my body will be happiest eating nutrient dense foods, less sweets (that aren’t from fruits), and healthy fats. I will be back on track Sunday until Sunday - then it’s my fathers birthday! Next week I fly out to NY and will enjoy some other goodies at that trip.

This trip was a far less binge effect than Philly - I truly believe it was due to being more mindful. I feel pretty good heading home!

Mindful eating takes time and effort. I don’t think you can snap your fingers and just do it! It takes a process and I’m happy to help!

If you never ate based on macros and a healthy balanced caloric range I would suggest a 12 week plan initially to get you closer to your goal body for health and/or shape. From there I would suggest a second 12 week plan to recomp with higher calories followed by the last plan with 6-12 weeks of switching to an intuitive approach. If you’ve been working with me for awhile a 6 week nutrition only plan may benefit you!
Let me guide you! All plans are on my site!

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