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Staying committed this holiday season!

November 12, 2015

There is a difference between commitment and obsession, and it can sometimes be a very fine line! Many have a difficult time balancing the two, which often results in one extreme or the other! Some may go on an all out binge fest for the holiday, while others restrict themselves from family/social gatherings due to food, a scheduled workout, or disinterest. I can personally relate to this topic, as I was one whom restricted myself during the holidays in 2011-2012. Unfortunately this impacted my family negatively and I made a promise to myself to change.

Creating balance while reaching fitness goals is a tough task. There is only so much time in one day to meet all of our responsibilities, dedicate time to others, and dedicate time to ourselves. This is why I encourage a more flexible approach to eating and less extreme methods for workouts (i.e.; shorter cardio duration and only one gym session per day). I also encourage less frequent meal times and larger meals so that eating does not impact your daily function at work and socially out with others.


How to stay committed year-round:


Permanent weight loss/fitness takes time and effort and is a lifelong commitment. Be prepared to make this change. Is it really the right time? Or, do you have other stressors in your life?
No one can make you become fit. You must undertake the nutrition and exercise changes to please yourself. Make a list of what is most important to you to help you stay motivated. Is it a vacation, wedding, challenge deadline, event, job, or doctor's appointment?
Surround yourself with others who support you and your goals, positively. Do not surround yourself with judgmental types of people. If so, keep your goals private and hold yourself accountable with self weekly check ins.
Set REALISTIC goals. I say this time and time again. Long term goals and approaches that you can use LONG term will bring the best results for consistency and commitment. Setting a goal to lose 15 pounds in one month is not as feasible as a goal of losing 5 pounds. Setting unrealistic goals can lead to feeling disappointed and can affect your ability to commit.
Enjoying what you eat and how you exercise also plays a huge role in success. Be sure that whatever you are doing, is what you can enjoy for long term.
Change your perspective on fitness. Eating healthy and exercising for a few weeks or months is not enough if you want long term results. Incorporate fitness into your everyday schedule.

Commitment for the holiday season:

Plan ahead! Plan your workouts for the week and your meals a day or even 5 days ahead! For the holiday, be sure to plan your workout days around holiday events and meal choices around which parties you may attend.
Get up and go to the gym early if you know you will have a busy day ahead with family and travel.
Find a workout partner for the holiday season or a teammate or co-worker that you can text everyday to stay accountable!
Complete workouts at home! Sometimes these types of workouts can save time when you need to be at home with something in the oven for the holiday!
Continue evaluating your progress during the holiday season, it will keep you in check!
Join a holiday challenge, 5k, or daily walk at work with co-workers.
Join my Holiday Program under the BShaeFit challenge tab above!!
Deadline to join: November 19th

This holiday season, be mindful of what you eat but do not deprive yourself from enjoying your favorite foods. Pick the ones you want to enjoy, but limited yourself to one serving size for each! Once you're done, put the rest in a container and save it for another day.

Do not make food the center of your attention, focus, or obsession. Continue doing what you normally do everyday (especially as a flexible dieter) - eat your fruits, vegetables, and protein - with a little dessert! You do not need to over indulge in pies, cookies, and cakes.

Try to take the focus off food for celebration, and use the holiday for more quality time.

Keep hydrated!
Enjoy yourself!

Brittni Shae, WBFF PRO, ISFTA Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist, MS OTR/L

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