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How was my week?

February 25, 2018

This week was a bit different post vacation. I returned on Sunday and felt fairly well. Did good with Monday and Tuesday but by Wednesday evening I literally decided to stand in my kitchen and eat everything - hahaha.

I’m going to slightly blame it on my monthly cycle. Each month this happens!!! Tuesday or Wednesday the week prior my body just wants to eat everything in sight! I gave in.

I tried the methods of “am I really hungry” “how will this make me feel?” And to be honest, my body said “why yes, you are hungry and you will love this moment”. Did I make this decision up? Haha yes. I didn’t feel too full after really, then I woke up hungry the next day. I trained legs that day and on top of yoga I felt like I really just used up my energy.

Thursday went exceptionally well, I had an additional snack before yoga ... one that would make me FEEL satisfied. I chose oatmeal with fruit and nut butter plus granola. I felt so satisfied that after yoga I only needed a small dinner.

My next tough day was Friday. I was doing really well but ended up staying up until 11:30 working on this website. One spoonful of sorbet turned into half of a container because I got so into what I was doing. My day began at 4am so it pretty much accounted for a very long day and the hunger was real.

Yesterday my day started later and ended earlier which resulted in less food but included a donut from a shop. It was a pleasure to enjoy something I didn’t know the macros for.

To be honest the toughest thing for me right now is multiple trips / vacations. I believe I will feel a bit better without vacationing every 2-3 weeks which is hard on the body and results in 3-4 days of enjoyment of all the foods. What is nice though is that I’m finally able to enjoy myself doing this!

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What is my “diet” really?

February 20, 2018

I can’t really label how I’m eating as fully intuitive or fully mindful eating - because a lot of things I do go against some of the “principals” promoted by groups and books.

Simply, I eat balanced meals with healthy fats, carbs, and adequate protein.

If I crave something, I have it.

If I am hungry, I eat more.

I eat slowly.

I drink water between bites.

I eat on meal times, and sometimes I don’t.

My health physically is still the biggest priority... so more organic foods that affect women’s hormones like dairy, fruits, and poultry/meats. My other is my cholesterol. So healthy fats like nuts, oils, and seeds are big in my daily intake.

I’ve tracked in processed foods/ice cream and cookies for in 3-4x a week the last two years and had high cholesterol again. So eating intuitive with a donut for breakfast and a deli sandwich for lunch won’t reach my health goals.

My mental health is also important ... obsessed with weighing my food and myself are out the window.


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New Orleans Vacation

February 18, 2018

Wow, so to be honest I used a lot of my mindful and intuitive eating habits on my trip to New Orleans.

Monday, Tuesday, and most of Wednesday I ate balanced meals with fats, carbs, protein.

It felt good, I was satisfied.

Wednesday night we split an appetizer, I ate my one meal slowly, and didn’t finish it completely! We shared dessert and it was satisfying. I had tried BBQ shrimp, Jambalaya, Gumbo , Étouffée, and Beignets.

Thursday we chose healthy options but also enjoyed rolled ice cream. That night we split a bag of popcorn and nada moo ice cream.

By Friday we enjoyed the rest of the recommended New Orleans food after we had a healthy breakfast in the apartment. We enjoyed and split a salad, charbroiled oysters, shrimp po boy, fries, pralines, a couple other sweets, and a pecan pie. That night we made homemade ice cream treats with some of the candy shop goodies.

Saturday we enjoyed breakfast with biscuits, grits, and a cinnamon roll. By afternoon we decided to try a few other goodies at a local market which included rice, plantains, açaí bowl, and a frozen coffee.

As much as we ate, I never felt stuffed or guilty about it. I felt satisfied. Everyday we had at least 2 meals with a healthy fat and protein with veggies (we swear New Orleans doesn’t have a lot of veggies at restaurants lol). I was mindful of how much protein I was eating (3-4x a day). Keeping protein at a stable level was important.

As the next week comes along I feel my body will be happiest eating nutrient dense foods, less sweets (that aren’t from fruits), and healthy fats. I will be back on track Sunday until Sunday - then it’s my fathers birthday! Next week I fly out to NY and will enjoy some other goodies at that trip.

This trip was a far less binge effect than Philly - I truly believe it was due to being more mindful. I feel pretty good heading home!

Mindful eating takes time and effort. I don’t think you can snap your fingers and just do it! It takes a process and I’m happy to help!

If you never ate based on macros and a healthy balanced caloric range I would suggest a 12 week plan initially to get you closer to your goal body for health and/or shape. From there I would suggest a second 12 week plan to recomp with higher calories followed by the last plan with 6-12 weeks of switching to an intuitive approach. If you’ve been working with me for awhile a 6 week nutrition only plan may benefit you!
Let me guide you! All plans are on my site!

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First blog for 2018, first blog for intuitive eating!

February 10, 2018


Well it is quite funny reading my recent blog from 2016 about avoiding burnouts! 


I just wanted to create the first blog to OFFICIALIZE my first full day of more MINDFUL and INTUITIVE eating. So HI! I made it! tongue-out

- I actually started practicing this a couple days ago, I did some research and used some of my own prior knowledge from experience as well as school to get some of this methodolgy down. 

I am not saying this will be:





or any other positive word... 

But I will say after a couple days of "practicing" some of the techniques I have been using then applying to a full first day... I feel WONDERFUL.

I deleted my app last night and placed all my scales in the cupboard (yes, I had more than one for the kitchen)yell




When did this start?

Well, it began a year ago. I was reaching for MORE spirtual / leisure activities outside of the gym space. I began with swimming, biking, more yoga, and my religion. 

Yoga has been a STRONG part of my physical fitness for the last 8 months. I practice yoga 3-4x a week in addition to my lifting and cardio. 


I watched my eating habits revert back to HOW and WHY I started in the first place - health. I actively was working on my cholesterol. 

I began eating more organic based foods, whole foods, and feeling better.

My hormones also became a primary concern as I turn 34 in a few months and am hoping to have children in the nearer future. 

Beyond the physical (inside and outside) well being, my mental well being has not been okay. undecided

I began finding myself LOSE MYSELF in binge eating. AN ISSUE I HAVE NEVER HAD! 

I found why I was losing myself was for a reason... to lose the control I have strived to have over food for YEARS (minus year 2014 and prior to 2010)

I found myself to have a problem.... that on my  "free days" I would eat everything because I knew I did not have to track it and would have to track again the next day.

I also found myself OVERLY HUNGRY for eating 2100-2200 calories. I just was NEVER satsified. 


I woke up a few days ago and it clicked... I needed a change.embarassed


So I decided. I decided and I did my "homework" and I trusted thyself. I trusted my intutition and I trusted the knowledge I built over 8 years of nutrition, training, and now spirtual mindset to BREAK THESE HABITS.  Since August I have been breaking bad habits. Whether it was extreme binge drinking (all summer) to eating processed junk, to maintaining and cutting on lower fats, to constantly wearing on my body with extremely heavy lifting, to switching to organic foods to ensure my health is optimal (preventitive care) for longevity and to bear children, to stop compulsively weighing my body, and finally to stop weighing my food and tracking every fat, carb, and protein. 


I plan on taking a holistic course for my OT career continuing education and my personal training re-cert. 

My goal is this - Holistic occupational therapy provides clients with a bridge between traditional occupational therapy services and integrative complementary practices engaging mind, body, emotion and spirit for a unique and enriching approach to life, health and wellness.



Interested in transitioning to a more mindful approach to eating?

The 6 week option is optimal for weekly guiding to your new technique to live happy and free! Online Coaching Service

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