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Avoiding burn-outs, reviving from one, and re-creating motivation!

January 8, 2016

Something that can occur often is burn outs while trying to reach your fitness goals. I myself did get really burnt out at one point. I'm also cautious of any signs of this occurring again. The biggest point for me that I actually felt this way was when I was missing balance completely. It was after prep for my pro show and taking a lot of extremes to get there. At that point I even regretted competing. I did 4 shows prior (3 the year before and 2 in that second year), but after that pro show (year 2013) is when I said enough is enough. My body was repulsing against most foods, wasn't responding to weight training, or cardio. Another mistake I made was by switching my training to supersets and higher reps with less weight. I essentially burned less and built less muscle. I gained 10lb post competition within a 4-5 month time frame, which isn't a lot, but I looked swollen and was asked if I was pregnant for months. It was my lowest moment of confidence since I began in 2010.

Taking a break was the best decision for my mind, body, and soul.
I switched from tracking food (I restarted this after my contest prep since I was given a meal plan for 6 weeks prior) to intuitive eating. I did this for about 7-8 months then began cutting again for 2-3 prior to a photo shoot. I scheduled this shoot to reignite motivation. It was awesome! I shot with Ludwig! I felt so beautiful and amazing at the shoot... It went so well that the WBFF published it in their fit and firm magazine in 2015.

After my shoot I began tracking again, but manually, without an app. 2015 was the year of reverse dieting and complete switch back to flexible dieting (where I started in my journey). I was able to eat more and lift more. I found my passion again by trying something NEW but also ENJOYING what I was doing. This is key to reigniting! I competed in 2 meets in 2015. Having a program set for me and targeted numbers for my macros helped advance my progress which is always encouraging and extra motivating. Creating objective goals vs subjective was also helpful. I would focus on my weights and sets/reps instead of simply my body fat levels.

Being aware of fatigue then taking rest days and breaks is also important. Using foam rolling, massage therapists and chiropractors has also been helpful in recovery.

Create a plan, or, order a program from my website to get re-motivated again!

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