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How to measure and take progress photos

June 15, 2016

How to accurately measure your body -

Chest: This is an area where many women hate to lose weight and men love gain inches so keeping a measurement of this area is a must. Wrap a tape measure around your chest in line with your nipples.

Bicep: This is area where it is wise to take two measurements. First find the mid point on your upper arm, then measure once with your muscle relaxed and once with it tensed.

Waist: One of the ways we notice changes in the waist is from our belt or jeans not fitting correctly. To get an accurate measurement, wrap the tape around your waist in line with your tummy button, ensuring that the tape measure is inline the whole way around.

Hips: Many people are often unsure where to measure in the hip area; I believe that the best place to measure is around the widest part. Find your hip bones and use them as a guide as your hip may change shape as the results of your fitness plan shows.

Thighs: The upper legs are often slow to show changes, as they can be a slightly fatter area especially for anyone pair-shaped. Try to stand straight and not tense up legs.

Taking photos:
Use a self timer or video mode and screen shot your poses. Wear a bra and underwear or bikini to assume good visibility of all body parts. Bra less pics holding chest does not allow for a proper body composition view.

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