Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is the best plan to start with to get the full experience?

A: The 4 week B Well plan! 


Q: Do you share my photos?

A: Only with approval! 


Q: I like to be told what to eat, which option is best for me?

A: The B Nutritious Meal Plan option


Q: I really have no idea where to start and I have never done anything with nutrition or the gym, which plan would be best for me?

A: My new plan, B Ginning! It is less intense and a great intro with one-on-one check ins each week! 


Q: I have been out of the gym for a bit and have tracked macros before, but I am not ready to commit to check ins, which plan is best for me?

A: Either one of the B Fit 21 day downloads or a custom workout with custom macro calcuations (seperate orders). 


Q: I really do not need check ins, but would like workouts and my macros calculated, which plan can I order?

A:  a custom workout under B Fit with custom macro calcuations under B Nutritious (seperate orders)


Q: I want help to transition from macro counting and really want to focus on that, which plan should I pick?

A: B Nutritious 6 week plan! 


Q: I want to get pregnant and also work on loving myself more, which plan is best for this?

A: B Positive! 


Q: I want my significant other to do this with me, do you coach men?

A: I have launched the B Together program with Justin! He coaches the men! We work on nutrition and workouts as well as relationships! 


Q: Do you do take on competition prep clients?

A: I no longer do, sorry! It does not fit my niche' at this time! 


Q: I want to get ready for my wedding! Which plan is best for this?

A: 12 week B Well!