B Together

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B Together 


  • For clients looking to have their significant other join them on a fitness plan
  • To build a relationship on several levels beyond the physical aspects a fitness plan provides
  • To create a community and support system to grow your relationship 
  • To provide resources and assistance to get long term results without extremes 
  • To ensure balance is created and/or presereved 
  • To promote a healthy relationship 


Cost: $200 for 4 weeks 

Email address: BTogetherTeam@gmail.com


Team Head Coaches:

Brittni Shae (female coach)

Justin Mastropietro (male coach)


Both coaches will provide weekly check-in/group support during the 4 weeks of the program! 


Includes customized macronutrients per client in the couple. Macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates, and protein) will be calculated based on clients prior habits, fitness regiment, and goals. Client will learn how to monitor food intake by using a scale and food tracking app. A macronutrient cheat sheet, grocery list, quick cooking tips, and additional weekly healthy eating tips will be included in the program. 


Includes an individualized training program to be utilized over the course of the 4 weeks - weight lifting and cardio included - based upon clients goals, prior exercise frequency, and fitness level.  

One combined workout will be provided to be completed together once a week. We encourage cardio together if possible as well!


Includes weekly check-ins to monitor progress and make adjustments / suggestions as needed. 


Includes a private group for B Together clients which will include videos, Live chats, and weekly topics to work on with your loved ones each week. 


There will be 12 themed pillars addressed during each week, initial 4 weeks gives 4 weeks of pillars. We encourage clients to re-order for the additional 8 pillars of the program. 


Cost is for 4 weeks at a time, there are no discounts provided as we were mindful in creating an in depth program at a low cost to assist more clients! 


We look forward to you joining! 

To join now:

Cost: $200 for 4 weeks