B Positive

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B Positive 

4 and 12 week programs 



As an occupational therapist, we are educated and trained with several theories. Practicing with a holistic approach (the whole person) is what I do daily in my career. I have been an occupational therapist for 10 years and have experience in looking at a person beyond one area of interest. 


B Positive programs have less structured nutrition and more focus on connecting with the mind and body for nutritional needs 


 B Positive programs are optimal for:

  • Transition to intutive/mindful eating from meal plans or tracking on a food app
  • Pregnancy
  • Establishing life goals, careers, relationships, lesiure, etc.
  • Improving spirtuality and awareness of self
  • Support
  • Improve mood, knowledge of healthy eating and exercise, and removes the diet mentality



This program does not substitute a psychologist or counselour

These programs do not fix eating disorders

This program does not focus on major weight loss 



  • Weekly check-ins via E-Mail with Specific Questions only (no photos or measurements) as well as Weekly 30 minute scheduled phone calls as needed 
  • A general nutrition guide using a more mindful and intuitive thought process
  • Workout program to be used for 4 weeks (adjusted every 4 weeks for 12 week plans)
  • Focus on improvement of physical, mental, and spirtual wellbeing 
  • Access to Team BShaeFit support group on Facebook



4 week program

Cost $140 


12 week program

Cost $360