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B -Ginning

Are you looking for a plan that is less structured but helpful in reaching your goals?

Do you just need need an accountability coach to make sure you on the right track with making healthier meals, being active, and working towards health goals?

Are you pregnant or looking to become pregnant?

Are you newly looking into a fitness program and scared to begin something so regiment?

This plan is for you! I will guide you with a grocery list, meal prep tips, healthy food options, and a basic guide into balanced meals.

I will also create an exercise plan for you to fit your schedule, whether it is home or at the gym.

We all start somewhere and sometimes fear or overly complicated plans can impede our progress!


This less regiment 4 week plan includes:

  • 4 weeks of workouts (lifting, cardio, any additional exercise needs)

               - Lifting does not change during the 4 weeks, but cardio may change*

  • Weekly check-ins regarding nutritional choices, workout consistency, and basic overview of client progress for the 4 weeks
  • Guidelines and tips for healthier habits for nutrition and exercise
  • Meal template with 3 options per meal/snack


Cost: $100.00