6 Week Option

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6-week nutritional plan - No Workouts included

Weekly check-ins to improve self tracking your own macronutrients for your goals 

This does NOT include a "meal plan" you will learn to self track for your lifestyle! 

Free of food restrictions!

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E-mail the form to: bshaefit@gmail.com

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Cost: $100

(Automatic re-orders after completion of a plan gets 10% off, ask for the code on your final check in!)




Client is provided customized macronutrients for goals and will check in weekly for accountability, anaylsis of eating habits - including a more extensive look into nutritional intake. 

Calculations are derived from a BMR formula and based upon weekly exercise/energy output, client's history, goals, favorite foods, and schedule needs. You will be required to weigh your food. I also do offer macro ranges instead of specific macros for those whom have gotten overwhelmed with anxiety in the past while tracking macros, please indicate this is what you would prefer at purchase!

This is an optimal plan for someone who is new to flexible dieting, prefers check ins to assure they are on the right track, and looking for balance... all while reaching their goals!

Check ins are weekly with a questionnaire to assure that you are progressing well with self tracking and feel confident with your customized macros! Adjustments to your macros will only be provided if deemed necessary based on response. For the most part clients progress with body composition changes within the course of four weeks and do not require an adjustment. The goal is to always keep macronutrients as high as possible and cardio as minimal as possible while still making progress to reach a healthy goal. 

A questionaire and waiver will be sent with the receipt. Use the SignEasy app to sign the waiver.